I grew up in northern Utah just outside of Hill Air Force base - sitting in the apple tree half the time watching the jets land at the base. And every time the Thunderbirds came to town, I couldn't get enough. All I wanted to do was fly jets - but then my vision went bad, I got glasses, and the dream faded...I didn't meet the vision requirements to be an air force pilot.

Rather than go into the air force in a non-flying assignment, I decided I would just make lots of money and buy my own planes...I'm still working on that one. Now I'm 48 years old, and buying my own plane doesn't seem likely - I have been able to do some flying in my time - I have a little over 100 hours in sailplanes, and a few hours dual rotory wing, but for the most part, I'm limited to computer sims.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been my choice since my first computer, but when I discovered Lock-on, Modern Air Combat, I was instantly hooked. In early May, I watched the 2006 Airshow Promo Movie by The Virtual Thunderbirds...and watched it, and watched...I had never done any formation flying, but these guys looked so much like the real team, I had to check it out. Three and a half months later, I have logged over 350 hours formation practice, and I'm just sorta maybe getting it...sorta. I've never done anything as challenging, or as much fun! I've had the opportunity to fly with every member of the team, and have met Striker, Cobra, Bon, and Convertable. It's been a great ride so far, and someday maybe this website will chronicle my success, but for now...

I just needed a place to park my screenshots and videos and to share a little bit of my obsession with becoming a part of the most incredible team to ever fly together in pixels.

UPDATE!!!! I received my number just before the premier of "Smoke On" in Las Vegas November 9th at the Boulder Station Stadium 11 Theatre...I am now Thunderbird 11! This website will remain up for a time, but I won't be adding screenshots or movies. From now on, just go to www.virtualthunderbirds.com

The following two threads have the announcement of my addition to the team, and some photos from the premier.



   Artwork by my friend Chris "Dimwit" Brown